Exam Information

eye-examiner_2285201 eye exam
A phoropter is an instrument used to test individual lenses on each eye during an exam. If, during an eye examination, your doctor discovered a vision problem like nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, it’s likely that one of the next steps you’ll take will involve a phoropter.

Exam Information: When you bring your new prescription to NanSee EyeWear within 30 days of the exam along with a copy of your receipt NanSee’s will deduct the cost of your exam up to $60 against the cost of frame and lenses.

“Can not be combined with vision insurance, discount, specials, sale items, etc.”.  You must also mention this ad before purchase is made.

             There are many wonderful eye doctors located in our area. I have not meet all of them personally but many of my patients have. Those that I have heard spoken highly about and in a positive way or I personally have had positive feed back from them are on this list. They are listed with their address and phone number below. When you ask for your prescription from the doctors below I am unaware of any of them having an issue with giving you a copy of your prescription nor having it faxed to my office.

Dr Scherers O.D., Walmart, 1815 Scott Dr., Napoleon OH 419-599-1853    

Dr Chris King  O.D., 1001 S Defiance St., Archbold OH 419-445-5436                     Optometrist

Dr John Stehulak O.D. M.S., 474 Airport Hwy., Wauseon OH 419-337-6371             Optometrist

Dr Darnell O.D., 474 Airport Hwy., Wauseon OH 419-337-6371                                 Optometrist

Dr Ronald Brown O.D., Affiliated with FCHC  725 S Shoop Ave., Wauseon OH Ophthalmologist

Dr Rachael Bostelman O.D. Napoleon Family Vision, 400 Independence Dr., Napoleon OH 419-599-4541 Optometrist

Dr Andrew Emch O.D., 700 Stryker St., Archbold OH 419-445-0436                      Optometrist


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