Internet EyeWear Pricing

49339065_10211471673422498_7042204381986422784_n  Now that my eyewear shop is in my home, I can offer some great pricing on frames and lenses with no guessing on PD’s, seg. heights, etc. You can try on your eyewear before purchasing and get them adjusted as many times as needed at no additional cost. You have me to help you pick out that perfect pair or two. You know me and know I will help in what ever way I can to make this experience special and unique for you! So go ahead and price a pair on the internet and compare it with what I can offer you. I feel you will choose me.

Frame with plastic single vision lenses start at $60

Frame with plastic bifocals (lined) lenses start at $95,

Frame with plastic progressive (no line) lenses start at $155.

If you are 18 or younger and wear a 50 eye size or below receive, 2 pairs of single vision polycarbonate lenses (thinner, lighter, scratch resistant and 100 uv protection) along with the frames for $70. Other add on and higher powers are at an additional cost.

That includes my one on one professional service and time to you.

Non of the above pricing is eligible with insurance, although you may have out-of-net work benefits, which in that case you can send it to your vision insurance for reimbursement.